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We supply a variety of pet and breeder quality snakes. If you would like more information about getting your first snake, please contact us  for some basic tips and tricks. 


We plan to have a full stock of 2021 ball pythons all involving the Piebald gene. Please stay tuned for availability! But for now, we have a large selection of 2020 Corn Snakes! 


We use Fedex Priority Overnight to ship our reptiles. This guarantees delivery by 10:30 AM the day after the animal was shipped. This ensures the snake is in the box for no longer than 12 hours. We pack our snakes with heat/ cold packs depending on the weather. There is an arrive alive guarantee! Meaning, we will refund the total spent (not including shipping) if the snake is dead upon arrival. This is very rare as we take precaution when we ship live animals. If we are not contacted with photographic proof within 3 hours of arrival, we will not proceed with the refund! We are not responsible for the death of an animal if the box is left unattended. You must bring in the box and unpack your reptile within 10 minutes of delivery.  

We offer a flat rate domestic shipping of $55. Please note, we only ship to the continental USA. We ship Monday- Wednesday



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