What precautions is TLSP taking to maintain social distancing and properly sanitized items?

TLSP is very aware of the current societal state. We are doing everything in our power to ensure we do not promote the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, we cannot sanitize some products such as eggs or plants. But on these products, we are very careful to control who and what is coming in contact with these. We are here for you and our purpose is to ease your stress during these times and even seize the moments presented by the shut down. 

How do products get to me? 

We offer local delivery for all products and domestic shipping for most others. When checking out, you will notice a slot for delivery/shipping/pickup options. Again, all of these methods are completely contactless. For larger beds, local installation is also available. 


Where is the pickup place?

We are located in Scotch Plains, NJ. If pickup is opted, you will be provided with a pickup address. 


What else to we need to do these projects? 

All of our projects are designed to be 100% user friendly. Each specific product has its own instructions for easy and quick setup. We designed each kit to come with everything you'll need for success.   


How large of an area is needed for various projects? 

In designing these projects, we tried to accommodate all space restrictions. All can be done indoors. Some take up minimal counter space while others require larger floor space. The individual dimensions of our products are on the product pages.


What age child can do these projects?

We always recommend that if the homeowner is not purchasing the project, to ask them first. Animals are a big responsibility and it can be tempting to order them without much thought. That being said, adults are not needed to oversee our projects simply because they are all child friendly. 


Does my town allow chickens?

The answer to this question is complicated. It is perfectly fine to hatch the chicks and return them, but some towns might not allow owning them through adulthood. For the most part, towns in Union County allow chicken ownership as long as you obtain the correct zoning and ownership permits from your town. Before selecting long term ownership of chickens, please check with your towns laws and zoning regulations.