Where do the chicks go after we return them?

We primarily work with one farm in North Jersey. They do their best to use the chickens for egg laying purposes. Some also stay at our Pittstown location. 

How does shipping work? 

We offer local delivery/pick up for all products and domestic shipping for most others. When checking out, you will notice a slot for delivery/shipping/pick up options. If you are eligible for local pick up, you will see an option. All of these methods are completely contactless.  

Where is the pickup location?

We have two pickup locations. One in Pittstown, NJ and one in Scotch Plains, NJ. You will be contacted to coordinate pickup at either location. Please note, the default location in our system is the Scotch Plains location. You must contact us if you are seeking to pickup in Pittstown. Please refer to our Chick Hatching Kit pick up dates page to see available dates. 


What else to we need to do these projects? 

All of our projects are designed to be 100% user friendly. Each specific product has its own instructions for easy and quick setup. We designed each kit to come with everything you'll need for success.   


Can we do these projects indoors? 

In designing these projects, we tried to accommodate all space restrictions. All can be done indoors.


How old do I need to be to purchase a project?

We always recommend that if the homeowner is not purchasing the project, to ask them first. Animals are a big responsibility and it can be tempting to order them without much thought. Adult supervision is always recommended for our projects. 


Does my town allow chickens?

If you plan on keeping your chickens after they hatch, you must check your towns regulations regarding livestock. Most NJ towns allow long term ownership of chickens but we always recommend you get a variance if your town does not allow it.