About Tiki Love Sustainability Projects, LLC

Tiki Love Sustainability Projects, LLC was founded by Ben Pritzker in March 2020.

Ben started his sustainability journey during the first COVID-19 related shut down. He was determined to find a way to implement education and sustainability into the homes of local families. This sparked the first project offered by TLSP, the Rent-A-Chick chick hatching starter kit. Originally, the kit was centered around the idea for families to raise chickens to provide eggs, perpetuating sustainable living. But throughout the years, this project has geared more towards an educational experience. 

After clear success of the chick hatching kits, Ben set out to increase the options for in-home-sustainability. He created several projects that allowed for in-home plant growing. Such as microgreen kits, wall-mounted herb gardens, and even custom indoor gardens. Due to manufacturing delays, TLSP no longer offers these projects. 

Growing up in a small house in Scotch Plains, NJ, Ben had little farm experiences except for horse back riding lessons. This all changed when his family moved to a small farm. Ben became obsessed with farm life and was enveloped in the culture. 

Ben is currently Freshman at University of Vermont, pursuing his passion of veterinary medicine.